Welcome to MusEx, the Online Portal of 'The Community Music Exchange'

At The Community Music Exchange we are passionate about participating in music rather than buying music. We call this sharing.

Sharing means our music is performed live in our living room, street, local hotel or hall. Furthermore it is played by people we can talk to in person.

Sharing liberates a magic in music. Helping, being helped, creating multi-part arrangements, conducting, improving as a musician or just simply enjoying are all facets of the magic of participation.

Sharing does not mean we shirk the commercial realities of life for the people facilitating community music. They need to provide for their familes and live a normal life. Similarly in providing a feature rich, functional and reliable music sharing service, MusEx has its own costs to cover.

MusEx is currently privately owned and running as a free community service. An important task is to develop a charter that allows representatives of the music community to manage direction and expectations on fair rates for the provision of the service and access to various arrangements entrusted to its care.

Copyright compliance, while a tough and complex issue, is core MusEx requirement.

The MusEx prototype is being trialed by Beyond the Bathroom Choir. A publicaly available section is being assembled at Climate Choir to demonstrate the power of this site.

All participants in software trials have a billing reprieve of 12 months from the start of commercial operations.

Please communicate with the contributing arrangers if you want to use their included works for your own purposes, and with MusEx at info@musex.world for more information about this musc sharing service.