Gazelle Orange Pure Innergy ready for test ride

A new addition to the Gazelle range for 2011 is the Orange Pure Innergy. We keep the Innergy Pure in stock for test rides and evaluation. Where last year we offered only the Innergy Excellent, we can now supply both grades. So, what’s the difference? Well, in the Pure, Gazelle has managed to reduce costs by simplifying the design a little. The electric assistance sensor is a bit simpler and some of the finishings are a step down.

The best thing is that we’re finding the Innergy Pure is in some cases more suited for the rider than the Innergy Excellent. This, of course, depends on your budget and needs. The best way to start is to contact us to arrange a time to drop in for a demonstration and test ride.

February 2011 update… here are the long awaited photos

The Innergy is here!

Here’s the electric hub and integrated battery:

And the user friendly gear hub system:

Some shots of the integrated wheel lock. There are plug-in cable and chain locks available which integrate with the wheel lock using the same key also:

And the integrated lighting system from the front and rear:

And check this video from Gazelle Australia about the Innergy

Gazelle Innergy – Premium E-Bikes from Gazelle Bicycles Australia on Vimeo.