Linus Dutchi step through

A few months ago we got our first Linus bike – the mixte. We had a very good reception to it and so we decided to get in their step-through model – the Dutchi!

Very similar to the mixte in component, the Dutchi has a very subtle differences that affect the ride-style.

Most obviously id the frame shape. The Dutchi has a sloped toptube in the style of Dutch bikes.

Secondly, the bars are in a more ‘upright’ position, meaning while riding, you sit up more than you would be on the mixte.

And then there is a chain guard added, to stop your pants/long skirt getting caught in the chain.

Once again, Linus provides a very smart, suitable and affordable bike for city riding.

It is available in 3-speed white, red or cream and soon to be available in an 8-speed version will be coming in soon.

More photos can be found on Andy’s Flickr, here