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[31 Mar 2010 | Comments Off | ]
Keeping it local… Australian made gear

We’ve spent a lot of time hunting around for Australian made bike parts and accessories. And it’s been successful. This post covers some of the gear available from the local market.
Ok so we know the benefits of local stuff… mimising transport requirements reduces emissions. And warranties are much easier. The products are better supported and with lots of these businesses we can give feedback on what we like and what doesn’t work. They will sometimes be able to incorporate this feedback into future designs and manufacturing runs. Anyway, local gear …

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[28 Mar 2010 | Comments Off | ]
Handbuild Velocity track wheels

A while back with some spare time, a few of the mechanics took to lacing up custom track wheels. Just for fun.
We’ve still got some of these hand built Velocity wheels available. Time to get them on the road! Only while stocks last….

Velocity Deep V rim
DT stainless Champion spokes
Flip flop 120mm spaced rear hub

And the price? $150 per wheel. Serious!

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[26 Feb 2010 | Comments Off | ]
The Fixie Economy… custom builds on a budget

I bumped into a fellow riding a noisy fixie on Merri Parade a few weeks back. I rode up beside him and said hi. We got talking and by the time we’d ridden across to Heidelberg road, he had made a couple of interesting points about cycling and Melbourne that stuck in my mind.
One of these points was mentioning he’d dropped in to Human Powered a few weeks before hand. “You guys have got some awesome gear but I wanted to set this one up on the cheap.” And I …

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[27 Jan 2010 | Comments Off | ]
Thanks to Park Tool USA

We’ve been using a Park Tool TM-1 spoke tension meter for near on 2 years. It’s a nice tool… easy to use, absolutely critical for wheel work, you know, one of those things you take for granted. Then a pesky little spring in it snapped about three weeks ago. Oh oh!!! Quick, “get online and work out the part number”. “Got it, 2173 I think, but it doesn’t look like anyone sells it. Better email Park”. So we did. And they called us the next morning to say they can’t …

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[8 Jan 2010 | Comments Off | ]
Lock it or lose it

This video is from http://quickrelease.tv/?p=327. I’ve published it here with thanks to its author Carlon Reid. It’s a super comprehensive run down on locking your bike effectively. Click the like to quickrelease.tv and read Carlton’s full writeup on that page about locking and bike security.

Cyclists sometimes come in asking for a “cheap lock”. Cheap bike locks are a false economy. They give a false sense of security and they jam up and break.
The questions to consider when working out a bike lock include:

how much did the bike cost?
how much is …

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[21 Dec 2009 | Comments Off | ]
The Aerospoke

Check it out. 700c aerospoke fixed gear wheel! We’re now offering these through the shop. With so many colours and options we don’t keep them as regular stock but you can drop in and check out Cat’s black rear pretty much any time.
Pricing varies for the natural black or painted finishes. There’s an unconfirmed rumour that they may be available in 650c as well… I’ll get back to you. In the mean time, feel free to swing past and order your 700c set!

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[15 Nov 2009 | Comments Off | ]
Velocity 650c track wheels

Now available, classic Deep V track wheels from Velocity in 650c. Check the photos here of Cat’s front wheel for an example with red spokes. The coloured spokes add a bit to the price. The hubs are available in silver or black, spokes in a stack of colours (and even with a mix of spoke colours in the same wheel), and the rims in a good range of colours (see the colour samples on Velocity’s site).
And we’ve now got the Rubino folding 650c (23-571) tyres in stock (as fitted to …