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We run hands-on bicycle maintenance training in our very own workshop. It is great opportunity to share basic skills to keep bicycle in good working order and keep you moving.


Upcoming Workshops

  • Beginners – Monday 16 June, 6pm-8pmGet savvy with puncture repair and learn how to change and reinstall a new tube. Understand how to assess mechanical issues and what your bike needs to operate to the best of its ability.
  • Intermediate – Tuesday 17 June, 6pm-8pmLearn how to change your gear cables and adjust your dérailleurfor smooth gear changes. Also learn about chain maintenance, brakes and overall bicycle health.

Payment Packages:

  • Package 1: Class only = $50 Waged / $45 Concession.

  • Package 2: Class + Puncture Repair Kit (pair of inner tubes and Lezyne Patch Kit) = $80 Waged/ $75 Concession. (Normally priced at $90/ $85).

  • Package 3: Class + Puncture Repair Kit + Discounted General Bike Service* = $140 Waged / $135 Concession. (Normally priced at $170/ $165).

Contact Us to book in.

If you can’t make these dates, please get in touch and we’ll put you on a waiting list to let you know when the next classes are coming up.

*Discount service must be booked within a month of the workshop date.